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TBA Bairro Alto Theater

Through a small door we enter a world of experimentation and art. A safe space where the new and established artist meet , between hallways, stairs and stages.
The development of the concept is based on this small “door” to a stage that is the world of performing arts. A metaphorical door that is visually associated with physical space.
Within the TBA logo there is a hided frame where everything will happen, it’s a logo that opens itself and show what happens inside. There is a secondary reading of the TBA logo as an acronym for “To be anounced”.

The logo has an important role in the communication of the shows, being it what frames the arts. This frame is changeable and adapts to many formats. This characteristic allows us to work with vertical and horizontal imagens in an easy way. It’s in the center of the logo that we find the visual space where the events, artists, photographies and even videos will be revealed.